Raise libido: 4 exercises to return desire

Female sex drive can be no less in force than male, but complexes about her own appearance and the habit of ignoring the signals of her body prevent a woman from being released and fully enjoy sex with a partner. Here are four exercises that will help increase female libido.

“When a man is at the peak of ecstasy, he does not care how the partner’s chest is currently looks like, he doesn’t even open his eyes,” says psychologist Cindy, the author of the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. – The woman, on the contrary, is feverishly thinking: “God, you need to change your pose rather, in this position my chest looks sagging!”Men have nothing to do with it, the matter is only in female self -esteem”.

Uncertainty in their physical attractiveness is not the only factor that poisoned women with the pleasure of sex. Another reason is that female consciousness often “does not have time” for physiological arousal.

Until recently, it was believed that the physiological excitement and excitement subjectively tested by a person are interconnected – that is, a man with an erection or a woman experiencing a surge of blood to the genitals should also feel sexual desire at that moment. But this is true rather for men than for women.

Merita Chinese, a sexologist from the University of Toronto, analyzed and summarized the results of more than a hundred scientific research, during which the level of physiological excitement in men and women was measured while watching erotic videos. What men said about their excitement coincided with the results of genital measurements. With women – no.

Chinese discovered that the longer the women watched an erotic video, the more consistently showed two types of excitement.

Women need more time to ensure that the brain can “catch up” the body. That is why they need a prelude to sexual intercourse

“Most women do not listen too much to the signals that the genitals send them;We are not accustomed to pay due attention to them, – notes Cindy Loca. – The female genital organs are small, invisible, and the changes taking place with them are not so striking in order to cause a response and an urgent desire to satisfy the requirements of their body. If a man experiences a strong erection, he cannot but notice it, therefore he reacts

Très nombreuses femmes aiment avoir des crânes lumineux pendant le sexe. Cela les fait sentir vraiment soumis, ce qui est joli. La principale chose ici est l’aspect de kamagra prix soumission, ainsi que le fait que c’est une sorte d’humiliation. Et cela est à peine blessé, mais dans le cadre permanent. Si vous acceptez tous les deux ces règles du jeu, il n’y a aucune raison de ne pas pratiquer.


A different degree of consistency between subjective and physiological arousal in the weak and stronger sex, according to Chinese, may have biological causes. There are studies proving that men, unlike women, understand their body better. For example, in men, an internal (interocial) consciousness is more developed in men: a man is more accurate than a woman, can determine the frequency of his pulse without counting.

Perhaps the harmony of the mind and body with physical excitement in men is a consequence of the fact that their mind receives signals directly and only from their body, while women are “configured” to a wider range – the situation as a whole and personal ideas about their own sexuality.

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